More success through streamlined teamwork!

RegioGraph TeamConnect

Marketing, sales and expansion endeavors pose a common challenge: You and your team need an overview of your diverse company data and a means of quickly making sense of it. That’s where the new RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on comes in. This enhancement to the desktop version of our geomarketing software lets you work with your data on digital maps and then share the results online with your team.

Professional software. Professional planning. 
RegioGraph delivers powerful tools for optimizing your sales territories, carrying out geospatial analyses and planning locations. You can also pinpoint promising regions using the integrated GfK purchasing power data.

Better teamwork through coordinated communication. 
Seamless, ongoing communication is crucial when it comes to working successfully as a team. RegioGraph TeamConnect keeps everyone up to date thanks to simultaneous access to your data. Team members can see any results you share from various end devices while on the go.

More motivation = better outcomes. 
Use RegioGraph TeamConnect to track the latest figures and employee goals. Specify access rights to customize what colleagues see after logging in. This reminds team members of their goals, which motivates them to succeed.


Guided tour

Check out our guided tour for detailed information on the various features of RegioGraph TeamConnect.