RegioGraph allows you to visualize and analyze your company data directly on digital maps.
This brings clarity and objectivity to your entire market. RegioGraph shows you areas of untapped potential
in your markets. Combine your own company data with data on regional market potential. Take advantage of multiple analysis,
planning and calculation options to boost your efficiency and turnover across your business, from sales and marketing,
to controlling and expansion planning.

Choose your application

  • Optimize your sales territories

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    RegioGraph saves you time, money and headaches when it comes to optimizing your sales territories. Import your existing sales territories and sales force assignments into the software. In just a few clicks, you can optimize your sales structure according to your chosen criteria. RegioGraph can also take into account accessibility when creating your structure. And it’s easy to optimize your territories according to criteria such as workload, potential and territory size.

    You maintain control over the process and can always make manual adjustments. Maps and reports immediately and automatically reflect any changes.

    Create sales hierarchies, distribution plans and planning scenarios. Or manage sales force substitutes to save time and resources.

    It takes just a few hours to create an entirely new, fully optimized sales territory structure. This is a painless process thanks to features such as up-to-the-minute updating of your maps and full transparency throughout the planning process.


  • Greater market clarity with RegioGraph

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    RegioGraph leads to more effective marketing by combining data on customers, competitors and market potential on digital maps. This reveals trends and relationships that would not otherwise be apparent. Here are some common tasks you can do with RegioGraph:

    Visualize customer locations
    Use RegioGraph to pinpoint promising regions and target groups for your marketing campaigns. Display the distribution of your customers on a map. Import your data from any standard source (such as MS Excel) in just a few easy steps. You can also link information on turnover and other variables with your customer data. This reveals how your customers and turnover are distributed across your regional markets.

    Analyze customers
    Enhance your customer data with information on regional target groups, such as purchasing power, income levels and household types. This gives you a profile of your current customers and highlights promising areas for acquiring new customers.

    Measure response rates
    Use RegioGraph to measure responses to your recent campaigns. Map analyses quickly show you which customer groups reacted most favorably to your marketing campaigns. 


  • Make more informed location decisions

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    RegioGraph helps you position your product or service at the locations where your customers live and shop. Smart expansion planning requires knowing the market potential around your business sites as well as customer movement patterns. RegioGraph delivers these insights and reveals gaps in your network. The software also helps you pinpoint your target groups and market potential down to the street-segment level.

    Use an integrated gravity model to predict how much a given location will tap the existing potential. This gives you a better idea of what to expect and leads to better, more sustainable location decisions.


  • Analyze your company data

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    See your data from fresh angles thanks to RegioGraph’s numerous analysis and visualization options. Import, compare and analyze company data, such as information on customers, turnover and business locations. This reveals otherwise unseen trends and patterns. There are some examples of questions RegioGraph answers:

    • How many customers are located within a 10-km radius of our business sites in London?

    • How much turnover is generated by my business sites in Paris compared to our sites in Berlin?

    • What turnover share is contributed by each of our business sites?

    Get even more insights by comparing your company data with the provided data on potential. This quickly reveals whether you’re tapping the available market potential. If you’re underperforming, RegioGraph shows you precisely where and by how much.