Comparison of versions


Versions - RegioGraph Geomarketing Software | GfK Global

Desktop solutions

The desktop version of RegioGraph is the right choice if you want a wide range of powerful tools to analyze and display data on digital map to support numerous applications, such as analyzing markets, optimizing sales territories and evaluating locations.

Versions - RegioGraph Geomarketing Software | GfK Global

Add-on: Desktop with online option

RegioGraph TeamConnect is the right choice if you need the comprehensive tools available with the desktop version of the software but also want to share your results online in the form of an interactive map (desktop solution required for project creation).

  • RegioGraph TeamConnect

    allows you to share results online with your colleagues to keep everyone up to date.

    • easy uploading of project results to your company’s own web server

    • incl. 10 viewers with browser-based access to shared projects from various end devices (extension for additional viewers possible)

    • assign access rights for selected viewers

    • presentation of the diverse market analyses and sales structures on the interactive map

    • overview of all data in an overall table with search, filter, and sort functions

    • notifications with location reference for team communication

Versions - RegioGraph Geomarketing Software | GfK Global

Online solution

RegioGraph LocationAdvice is the right choice if you need standardized location analyses and evaluations that can be carried out from anywhere and that produce uniform, comparable results.

Select the solution that’s right for your online and offline needs

Select from among our desktop software versions, which include RegioGraph Analysis, Planning and Strategy. Supplement your choice with the RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on to share results online with your team.

  • available with all GfK maps & GfK Purchasing Power for a European country of your choice
  • expandable with GfK’s global map offering & other GfK market data
  • free customer support hotline and video tutorials
  • option to book GfK training courses & coaching sessions

In addition, we offer RegioGraph LocationAdvice, a browser-based online application with which you can analyze your locations on the go.