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RegioGraph is an award-winning geomarketing software that allows you to visualize and analyze your company data directly on visual maps. In combination with the included GfK purchasing power data, you can get deeper insights into your customer distribution, evaluate your sales structure and discover untapped market potential. The new RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on lets you share results online with colleagues, leading to more streamlined communication and decision-making.



Some of our satisfied customers

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    RegioGraph helps us display our customer potential on a map, create sales territories according to our own geographical criteria and then visualize them on a map for our customers. A great added value I see is the precise display of global CRM information on a map – this helps me recognize relationships much quicker than it would be possible in a simple table.

    Stefan Storchmaier, Global Commercial Excellence - Agricultural Solutions, BASF SE

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    We've been using RegioGraph for 26 years. The visualization of sales territories and the identification of potential using so-called "heat maps" have raised the planning of our future territories to a new level and have a very high level of acceptance in our sales department. RegioGraph is therefore an important part of the planning activities for our sales structure.

    Martin PühraTeamlead Territory Planning E3, Hilti Deutschland AG

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    With RegioGraph, we convince our customers and colleagues with clear and professional visualizations on maps. The software enables us to identify and communicate sometimes confusing correlations between data in an understandable way and with little effort.

    Matthias SchäferProject Manager Logistics, MAZMAIL GmbH

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