Software training

Our training courses save valuable time by helping you get up and running with RegioGraph. Experienced course instructors lead you step by step through the software’s features and offer practice-oriented tips to build your skills. Due to the current global situation, we’re now offering most of our training courses online.

Training course for beginners

Get up and running with RegioGraph and learn more about the software’s features and applications. In our German-language two-day group course, you will start with all the basics and further dive into the different use cases of RegioGraph:

  • Two-day group course

    Our training approach uses small groups and practice-oriented exercises to help you quickly familiarize yourself with the software. We also teach you many tips for optimizing your use of RegioGraph, and we give you plenty of time to ask questions. You’ll receive a certificate upon completion of the course. The cost is €900 per person. Overview of course contents:

      • setting up projects and creating maps
      • importing, linking and calculating data
      • analyzing locations (customers, business sites, catchment areas, etc.)
      • creating, optimizing, evaluating and comparing sales territories
      • analyzing territories (e.g., at the 5-digit postcode level)
      • presenting results and generating reports

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Courses for more advanced users

Have you already completed a RegioGraph training course and are successfully working with the software? Expand your knowledge of RegioGraph's applications for your work area with our one-day deep-dive training course. The cost is €900 per person for each deep-dive course.