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Discover market treasures with geomarketing

Locate regions with high potential and then efficiently invest your resources for maximum benefit.

A traditional treasure map shows where treasures are buried. An X marks the spot of these sought-after locations. Points of orientation on the map show the goal as well as regions to avoid along the way.

Geomarketing makes use of this same basic principle: Our software RegioGraph lets you create your own "treasure maps" by displaying the trends and relationships in your data on digital maps at a detailed regional level, such as five-digit postcodes. This reveals the distribution of your customers and turnover as well as how this information relates to your locations and sales territories. Numerous analysis and planning tools help you pinpoint your target group and tap more market potential.

Integrated purchasing power data and up-to-date maps provide an objective basis for evaluating your markets and operations. By displaying the results of your analyses on digital maps, you can immediately identify the regions where you need to focus your attention.

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