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RegioGraph Online

Evaluate locations on the go and communicate results

RegioGraph Online lets you analyze your locations and surroundings from a mobile device and then quickly share results with colleagues. This online service gives you simultaneous access to your company data and integrated GfK data on potential. A map-based dashboard presents interactive charts and statistics that bring your catchment areas into focus by illuminating market characteristics, target groups and competitors. Instantly share these insights with colleagues so you can make the best location decisions in the shortest amount of time. RegioGraph Online's ease of use, online accessibility, and dashboard analytics make it the ideal agile solution for today's dynamic, rapidly changing markets.

Quickly share results from your RegioGraph Desktop projects

Already using RegioGraph Desktop to analyze your customers, turnover and sales structure? Take things a step further with RegioGraph Online, which allows you to quickly communicate your locations insights online. With a single RegioGraph license, you share project results in real time with multiple colleagues irrespective of their location. This supports more rapid and agile decision-making, which is crucial in fast-paced markets and for businesses with dispersed sales teams.

Overview of RegioGraph Online's features:

Share project results online

RegioGraph Online allows you to more quickly and effectively communicate the results of your RegioGraph Desktop analyses. Thanks to RegioGraph Online's Web-based functionality, you can share insights and collaborate in real time, helping you make the best location decisions more quickly.

Security for your company data

RegioGraph Online is a "private cloud"-based application, which means it is accessed from your own Web server. This secures company data and guards against information exchanges with public mapping services.

Multi-user environment

RegioGraph Online allows multiple users to work with the same data and thus better coordinate their decisions and efforts.

Cross-platform compatibility

The user interface of RegioGraph Online is browser-based, so it can be accessed from various devices (PC, tablet, etc.) and any location.

Integrated GfK solution

RegioGraph Online is backed by GfK's proven geomarketing expertise and features optimally integrated software, data and maps.

Ongoing innovations via subscription

RegioGraph Online is continually evolved and enhanced by our programmers, as is our desktop version. Additional application modules will therefore be integrated over time.

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