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RegioGraph Online

RegioGraph Online

RegioGraph Online

Carry out map-based location and branch site analyses while taking into account target groups, competitors and the retail environment of your locations' catchment areas. From any location and various end devices, you can immediately share results and insights with colleagues. RegioGraph Online gives you and your team simultaneous access to your map analyses, charts and statistics while on the go. Quickly and easily display your company data, share results, and make more informed decisions on the fly.

Benefits of RegioGraph Online:

Security for your company data

RegioGraph Online is a "private cloud"-based application, which means it is accessed from your own Web server. This secures company data and guards against information exchanges with public mapping services.

Multi-user environment

RegioGraph Online allows multiple users to work with the same data and thus better coordinate their decisions and efforts.

Cross-platform compatibility

The user interface of RegioGraph Online is browser-based, so it can be accessed from various devices (PC, tablet, etc.) and any location.

Integrated GfK solution

RegioGraph Online is backed by GfK's proven geomarketing expertise and features optimally integrated software, data and maps.

Ongoing innovations via subscription

RegioGraph Online is continually evolved and enhanced by our programmers, as is our desktop version. Additional application modules will therefore be integrated over time.

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