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Comparison of versions

A quick look at
the different versions.

Get to know RegioGraph’s features in a short video.

Comparison of versions

Select the version that’s right for you

RegioGraph is available in three versions:

  • RegioGraph Analysis: for regional and market analyses
    the base software version with the most important analysis options
  • RegioGraph Planning: for sales territory optimization and street-level analyses
    also includes all features of RegioGraph Analysis
  • RegioGraph Strategy: for precision location and expansion planning
    also includes all features of RegioGraph Analysis and RegioGraph Planning

More information on map availability can be found here.

Here’s an overview of what each RegioGraph version offers:

2019/2020 maps*
(postcode, administrative, topographic)
Map of Europe's 2020 two-digit postcodesxxx
GfK Purchasing Power 2020* down to the postcode level (with inhab. / households)xxx
Data import of all standard formatsxxx
Data export (tables, graphics, HTML, presentations, PDF, printed documents)xxx
Visualize data on maps: ABC, customers, pictograms, portfolio, charts, etc. xxx
Create customized reports with maps, diagrams and tablesxxx
Import customers and locations at the level of street-segments (geocoding)xx
Geographically evaluate Internet access data (IP geocoding)xx
Automatically plan and optimize sales territoriesxx
Calculate drive-time zones and catchment areasxx
Access worldwide Bing maps and aerial imagery** xx
Use our proven algorithm for planning and optimizing branch networks   x
Carry out street-level analyses of business sites and relocations using a Huff gravity model x
Analyze data at the level of street segments, with numerous reporting options x
Share project results online with your colleagues (map upload via your company server, unlimited multi-user access from various end devices, granting of access rights for all users)*** ADD-ONADD-ON
Get integrated street segment-level data: either data on end consumersor business potential; street-level analysesoptional


*for a European country of choice
**License applies for 12 months or until the next software update.
***The RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on is available as an additional purchase option when you order RegioGraph Planning or Strategy.

Download a detailed comparison of features here.