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Group training courses in Bruchsal, Germany (near Karlsruhe)
The price for a two-day standard training course is €900 per person (includes drinks and lunch).

Closed group/company training course
A two-day training course limited to your company costs €2,900 for up to four participants and an extra €400 for each additional participant. We can also provide a training course at your place of business. In this case, additional costs and travel-related fees apply (second-class train travel, accommodation at a mid-range hotel).

Coaching session for your RegioGraph project
The price for a coaching session is based on the associated time investment. We'd be happy to provide a quote based on your unique needs. Registration To register for a course, email us or contact us by phone. You'll receive written confirmation of your registration.

GfK GeoMarketing GmbH
Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 9
Gebäude 6508
76646 Bruchsal; Germany
T +49 7251 9295 200
F +49 7251 9295 290
Email: info(at)gfk-regiograph.com

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