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Master the software in a short period of time


Master the software in a short period of time: standard courses 2018

July 17-18 (Tues.-Wed.)
August 1-2 (Wed.-Thurs.)
August 16-17 (Thurs.-Fri.)
August 27-28 (Mon.-Tues.)
September 4-5 (Tues.-Wed.)
September 19-20 (Wed.-Thurs.)
September 27-28 (Thurs.-Fri.)
October 9-10 (Tues.-Wed.)
October 17-18 (Wed.-Thurs.)
October 25-26 (Thurs.-Fri.)
October 30-31 (Wed.-Thurs.)
November 7-8 (Wed.-Thurs.)
November 15-16 (Wed.-Thurs.)
November 20-21 (Tues.-Wed.)
November 28-29 (Wed.-Thurs.)
December 3-4 (Mon.-Tues.)
December 11-12 (Tues.-Wed.)

Our group courses take place at our training center in Bruchsal, Germany. Courses begin at 9:00am and conclude at 5:00pm. In addition to coffee/tea breaks, courses include a one-hour break for a complimentary lunch.

Access additional information in our training course flyer.

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