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Become a RegioGraph professional
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Software training

Become a RegioGraph professional

Get up and running with the software!
Our software training courses quickly teach you the basics of working with RegioGraph. Experienced course instructors lead you step-by-step through the software's features and offer practice-oriented tips to build your skills.

A RegioGraph training course is also a great choice for more accomplished software users wishing to learn more about the new features of a software update.

Standard training course
Our two-day standard training courses are offered on an almost weekly basis at our place of business in Bruchsal, Germany. Our training concept uses practice-oriented exercises to familiarize you with the software. And small class sizes and an enjoyable atmosphere ensure you'll remember what you learn. We also teach you many tips and tricks for working with the software, and we'll give you plenty of time to ask questions. Upon completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate of participation and can begin immediately applying your knowledge in your job role.

Be sure to check out our course dates and terms.

Training course contents:

  • fundamentals of map production
  • importing, linking, and geocoding external data
  • display of customer locations, branch/store sites, etc.
  • using filters, selections, and visualizations
  • presentation of results
  • creation of territories; sales territory optimization
  • location analysis
  • reporting features - e.g., territory-based reports

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Coaching sessions
We also offer coaching sessions tailored to your individual needs and goals. Find out more here, or feel free to contact us.