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Software updates (service packs)

Be sure to keep your version of RegioGraph equipped with the latest service pack. You can download the most recent service pack for version of RegioGraph. We strongly recommend installing the service packs. This ensures your version of RegioGraph will continue to run smoothly.

What is a “service pack”?

The continual development of RegioGraph as well as the application environment (e.g., the operating system) often requires the subsequent installation of so-called “service packs”. The installation of a service pack will not change the software. Unlike a conventional update, a service pack does not include any additional features or changes. Your data and settings will not be altered.

How do I know if I need a service pack?

As soon as a service pack becomes available, you will automatically be notified upon launching RegioGraph. Alternatively, you can also check for available service packs by selecting the menu item “Help” and then “About RegioGraph…”. The subsequent dialog window will indicate if a service pack is available for downloading or if your software is up to date.

How do I install the correct service pack?

Download the service pack that corresponds to your software version number. Install the file with all administrator rights by right-clicking the service pack file and selecting “Run as administrator”.

Available service packs: