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RegioGraph Analysis 11 Service pack 2

Keep your software up-to-date by downloading the latest service pack for RegioGraph 11.

Service pack 2

Download the service pack and install it with administrator rights by right-clicking the service pack and selecting “Run as administrator”. Download the service pack and install it by double-clicking the file.The download is approximately 1.1 MB.

Release date: April 6, 2010

Service Pack 2 implements, among others, the following corrections and improvements:

  • All background projects are correctly recognized when multiple users attempt to access them.
  • Previously, inaccurate data could appear in the "Belongs to" column of the new layer when calculating Voronoi regions. This issue has been remedied.
  • Layers associated with large project files can now be erased more quickly.
  • Protruding corners no longer appear when buffers around lines are selected (info mode).
  • The ID column is now correctly generated when importing *.shp files without text columns.
  • The import function has been further improved and now handles very large matching layers (with millions of objects).

Numerous additional improvements have been made.