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RegioGraph 2017, service pack 1

Keep your software up-to-date by downloading the latest service pack for RegioGraph 2017.

Service pack 1 download

Service pack 1 includes all changes to version 2017 (build no. 15.0.160.xxxx) from March 2017.

Select the service pack that corresponds to the language in which you installed your version of RegioGraph. The file is approximately 173 MB.

Date of publication: August 29, 2017

  1. Download the service pack for your version of RegioGraph, and then save it to your computer.
  2. Install the service pack with administrator rights by right-clicking the file and selecting "Run as administrator".

Installing the service pack requires the same rights necessary for installing the original software.

The service pack addresses the following issues:

RegioGraph Planning and higher Versions:

  • Error corrections and performance improvements when importing data have been implemented.
  • Updating when importing linked layers now runs significantly faster.
  • When recording imports, incorrect formatting settings have been corrected.
  • Errors have been corrected in the revised chart components, including and especially in the conversion of RegioGraph 2016 projects.
  • When working with line charts, selecting "Draw base" now shows an additional unlabeled Y-axis in order to emulate RegioGraph 2016.
  • Current bookmarks are now correctly saved when "Reorganize or "Save project as..." is selected. The legend dialog no longer removes headings when closed through clicking.
  • The legend dialog now correctly handles deleted but still referenced layer columns.
  • New layers can now be correctly applied when only Bing Maps tiles are present on the map.
  • Object layers can now be imported and exported as *.lay files.
  • Sporadic error when prematurely aborting a *.lay import have been resolved.
  • Damaged palette files no longer cause errors when used.
  • The formatting of layout tables has been revised.
  • Error messages in the new settings dialog have been addressed.
  • The prefetch functionality for project files was removed due to various related performance problems.

RegioGraph Planning and higher versions:

  • When creating drive-time zones, the associated layers are now correctly opened and closed.
  • When creating drive-time zones, the size of "islands" cut off when revising zones is now limited such that only smaller islands are removed.
  • The link between drive-time zones and middle points now reacts correctly to changes.
  • When calculating the driving time to an assigned location, one-way streets were previously driven in the wrong direction. This has now been corrected.
  • The results of a geometric integrity check in the map editor can now be exported.
  • Performance of the cluster visualization has been improved.
  • When creating drive-time zones, the used layers are now correctly opened and closed.

RegioGraph Strategy and higher versions:

  • When calculating distance matrices in the 64-bit version, significantly larger data sizes are now allowed.
  • An error in the calculation of distance matrices for all locations has been corrected.
  • Incorrect data references in the PHP version of the web viewer have been corrected.
  • Minor optical errors in the Huff report have been addressed.