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RegioGraph 2015/2016, service pack 4

Keep your software up-to-date by downloading the latest service pack for RegioGraph 2015/2016.

Download service pack 4

Service pack 4 includes all changes since version 2015/2016. You can install this service pack regardless of whether you've already installed service packs 1, 2 & 3.

Select the service pack that corresponds to the language in which you installed your version of RegioGraph. The file is around 98 MB.

Date of publication: December 12, 2016

  • Download the service pack for your version of RegioGraph, and then save it on your computer.
  • Install the service pack with administrator rights by right-clicking the file and selecting “Run as administrator”. Installing the service pack requires the same rights necessary for installing the original software.

The service pack addresses the following issues:


RegioGraph Analysis and higher versions:

  • Some minor bugs concerning parallelized data import were corrected, removing software hang-ups and lost import data.
  • External library for PDF export updated, resulting in more stable behavior; PDF export now also supports rectangles and outlines around texts.
  • Symbols referenced by worksheet charts are now saved correctly.
  • Level of detail for background maps is now handled correctly in undo and redo.
  • Unintentional switching of fonts from “zooming” to “fixed” in maps has been corrected.
  • When duplicating layers, column metadata is now duplicated correctly.
  • Worksheets containing long tables are now duplicated correctly.
  • Filter formulas in linked layers now handle deleted columns in the source layer correctly.
  • When updating map vintage, relationships between layers are now correctly adjusted to the new versions.

RegioGraph Planning and higher versions

  • Several geocoder changes: support for new countries in Central America – optimizations. e.g.. in Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.
  • Update geocoding no longer clears columns before starting even if the corresponding flag is set.
  • Distance to nearest location now also determines values of 0 correctly (if two points coincide).

Only RegioGraph Strategy version

  • Numerous optimizations and corrections in WebViewer:

    • Better compatibility with older PHP versions (older than 5.4)
    • Hidden objects are now also hidden in the WebViewer selection layer.
    • The browser-based version (without PHP) now also correctly shows and hides layers based on zoom level.

  • Special characters such as \ and quotes are now correctly transferred to WebViewer.
    Distance tables previously showed drive-time instead of distance and vice versa in certain cases. This has now been fixed.

There are also many other detail-oriented corrections and optimizations.

The following additional changes were addressed by service packs 1, 2 & 3:

All editions

  • Problems with layout generator corrected (involving multi-page tables in existing worksheets)
  • Non-quadratic symbols now maintain their form when separated from legends
  • Incorrect sorting in map contents corrected (when background maps referenced in the maps are no longer available)
  • Various dialogs now scale correctly at the ≠ 96 dpi resolution
  • Column meta data now correctly copied when duplicating layers
  • FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) encryption guidelines for Windows previously could prevent the correct execution of RegioGraph; this has now been corrected
  • Incorrect overwriting of geodata when performing geocoding updates now corrected (involving instances in which the target layer contains exactly one object)
  • Import: preview tables now smaller + match index calculated in background; importing large data sources now significantly faster and more stable
  • Circles ("Create Circles" command) now assigned unambiguous IDs
  • Map designs now correctly displayed at detail level ≠ 100%
  • "Created on" column no longer incorrectly overwritten when importing
  • Display of pie chart segments in the legend after separating or exporting PDFs now corrected
  • Insertion of object layers with large scales now corrected
  • Insertion of free text in legends now corrected
  • XLS access via ODBC now works
  • "Update Map Vintage" command now also correctly updates charts in the map
  • Grouped north arrows, etc. now correctly assigned to maps
  • linked columns that use the “First value” operator are now filtered correctly
  • renamed territories on higher levels are now correctly propagated to the base level
  • possible freeze during drawing of symbols or symbol selections corrected
  • code page translation during clipboard import corrected
  • dBase import corrected
  • drawing of overview window optimized, resulting in faster opening of projects and switching of windows
  • Transfer Layer Data: where locations overlap multiple areas, data is now transferred to all those areas
  • PDF export:

    • underline and strikeout are no longer switched
    • zooming symbol signatures in legends are now exported correctly

  • Create Circles: new circles are now assigned meaningful IDs
  • Deactivation of default legend  texts in the format window has been corrected
  • “Changed” marker for “Apply” button in format window has been corrected
  • distance measuring now shows three decimals places

Additionally improvements to Planning and Strategy

  • Date transcription on report cover sheet now corrected
  • Improved determination of reference points for calculation of infrastructure
  • New function: Generate with minimum values
  • When executing the command "Generate with Minimum / Maximum Values", a new option is available, allowing to choose whether all or at least one of the selected columns need to be regarded. (OR:"Satisfy at least one criterion" / AND: Satisfy all target criteria”)
  • Incorrect one-way street direction when calculating table values for "distance via road network" now corrected
  • Sales territory planning wizard now also works on point layers
  • new geocoders for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Australia and New Zealand; smaller enhancements to other geocoders
  • Transfer Layer Data: transfer using infrastructure density is now again possible
  • drive-time zones:

    • minor changes when handling blocked roads / walking speed
    • errors from SP1 regarding zones with explicit overlap have been corrected

  • handling of IDs during clipping in editor corrected
  • Location Potential Report: options when calculating using distance have been corrected

Additionaly improvements to Strategy

  • Web viewer now also supports PHP/AJAX technology
  • Missing labels in Web viewer output now corrected
  • Improved performance of distance matrices
  • Symbols
  • Calculation of distance matrices now considerably faster