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RegioGraph 2015, service pack 2

Keep your software up-to-date by downloading the latest service pack for RegioGraph 2015.

Download service pack 2

  • Download the service pack for your version of RegioGraph, and then save it on your computer.
  • Make sure you have the original installation files handy (e.g., by inserting the installation DVD).
  • Install the service pack with administrator rights by right-clicking the file and selecting “Run as administrator”.

Select the service pack that corresponds to the language in which you installed your version of RegioGraph. The file is around 59 MB.

Date of publication:October 14, 2015

The service pack addresses the following issues:

All editions

  • linked columns that use the “First value” operator are now filtered correctly
  • renamed territories on higher levels are now correctly propagated to the base level
  • possible freeze during drawing of symbols or symbol selections corrected
  • code page translation during clipboard import corrected
  • dBase import corrected
  • drawing of overview window optimized, resulting in faster opening of projects and switching of windows
  • Transfer Layer Data: where locations overlap multiple areas, data is now transferred to all those areas
  • PDF export:

    • underline and strikeout are no longer switched
    • zooming symbol signatures in legends are now exported correctly

  • Create Circles: new circles are now assigned meaningful IDs
  • Deactivation of default legend  texts in the format window has been corrected
  • “Changed” marker for “Apply” button in format window has been corrected
  • distance measuring now shows three decimals places

Additionally improvements to Planning and Strategy

  • new geocoders for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Australia and New Zealand; smaller enhancements to other geocoders
  • Transfer Layer Data: transfer using infrastructure density is now again possible
  • drive-time zones:

    • minor changes when handling blocked roads / walking speed
    • errors from SP1 regarding zones with explicit overlap have been corrected

  • handling of IDs during clipping in editor corrected
  • Location Potential Report: options when calculating using distance have been corrected

Additionaly improvements to Strategy

  • Calculation of distance matrices now considerably faster

The service pack also includes many additional minor improvements and error corrections.