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Select your version of RegioGraph


Select your version of RegioGraph

RegioGraph Analysis RegioGraph PlanningRegioGraph Strategy
for regional and market analyses for sales territory optimizations and street-level analyses
for precision location and expansion planning
  • GfK maps and purchasing power for a European country of choice
  • includes all features in the Analysis version as well as:
  • includes all features in the Planning version as well as:
  • diverse analysis and visualization options
  • professional sales territory optimization tools
  • location evaluation with gravity model (takes competitor influences into account)
    • interface with ribbon menus and simplified navigation
  • detailed reporting
  • Web viewer (for accessing map analyses from any device with a browser)
    • cluster tree display featre
  • IP geocoder
  • ability to calculate and implement an optimal location network
    • ability to link layer tables
  • grid layer for evaluating granular data
  • improved & more intuitive data analysis mode
    • many new chart options
  • ability to incorporate online maps and aerial imager
  • optional: D&B data on potential or GfK data for Germany or international markets
  • easy-to-use tool for managing and positioning address data
from €1,500*
from €4,000*
from €7,500*

* All prices exclude VAT and shipping. The new RegioGraph version 2017 will be shipping in April 2017.

Users of RegioGraph 2015 and RegioGraph 2016 can take advantage of the 50% discount update offer.