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Summer special retail

Summer special: RegioGraph Strategy as a subscription + consultancy day

Optimize your branch network with RegioGraph

Looking for optimal locations to increase the coverage of your branch network? Planning on expanding your branch network into new regions or countries?

The latest version of our geomarketing software RegioGraph illuminates the regions with the most potential and pinpoints promising areas for new locations.

Our award-winning software is the ideal support for precision expansion planning:

  • Visualize your existing branch network along with catchment areas and competitors directly on digital maps.
  • Analyze potential and turnover opportunities in your locations' catchments areas.
  • Identify market gaps that offer sufficient potential for additional locations.

The consultancy day included as part of this special helps you get up and running with the software.

Our experts travel to your place of business and give you hands-on advice on using RegioGraph to meet the challenges faced by your company. The topics covered during the consultancy day will be mutually determined in advance based on your company's needs.

Feel free to contact me to discuss how RegioGraph can help you analyze and optimize your branch network.

summer special retail