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Summer special consultancy

Summer special: RegioGraph Strategy with consultancy day

Make more informed decisions with geomarketing

Our geomarketing software RegioGraph answers the many "where" questions faced by your business. Analyze your company data directly on digital maps and find out the regional distribution of your customers, turnover and sales territories. The software's Web viewer allows you to quickly and easily display and share results with colleagues.

The consultancy day included with the special gives you hands-on advice from our experts to get you up and running with the software. The contents of the consultancy will be mutually determined in advance. Possibilities include:

  • visualization of your customers, employees and sales structure
  • working with map layouts and using the Web viewer feature
  • creation of layout templates

Our software experts help you quickly learn tips and tricks and for working with the software and carrying out map analyses.

RegioGraph brings greater clarity to your operations and offers an objective basis for making more informed decisions. This minimizes risk and gives you a powerful tool for boosting the success of your business.

Questions? Contact me to learn more.

Summer special consultancy